Pepe Saya Branding

for Pepe Saya


Pepe Saya wanted me to evolve and develop a brand for Pepe Saya into brand that was like an expensive watch. To make butter larger than life. To make butter wow. To take butter to a whole new level of awesomeness.

I've always been struck by how yellow his butter is, which is due to the cows being grass fed. This motif already existed in desaturating the entire image except the butter. The precursor to this project was a project in making 2 colour posters for. (Black and yellow). Due to printing limitations. This limitation lead to a look that resembled the current brand. Now that we had all colours to work with, we could make the yellow deeper and richer. And so I took the previous concept and added darkness, lowered the highlights, and deepened the vibrancy of the yellows, and the rest is history.