Star Coconut Water

for Gorilla Bev


The founder of Michelle's Patisserie came up to me and asked me to make the classiest Coconut Water brand the world has ever known. So classy that they would serve it at cocktail bars.

These 3D renders all started with many rounds of flat concept designs. Below is a very yin and yang approach. We used a bright fuchsia star to pop out and catch the eye. Gold trimmings for class. And a planned, random, star inspired, background, gold patterns for eccentric design flair! As you can see – or rather – you can't perceive gold on a flat design. That's where 3D renders came in.

What you see here are not photographs, but 3D computer models, made using the latest Blender 3D Open Source Software. It produces pretty amazing results. The was using the correct HDMI shader which has a much larger broader colour gamut which simulates the spectrum that our eyes can see.


The purpose of this exercise wasn't to produce fancy 3D's but to see how reflective gold looks. A tricky thing to visualise on a flat design.

Demonstrating detail on the top of the bottle. Seeing the logo from another angle. Just before one cracks a bottle of Star Coconut Water open. 

We didn't just stop at bottles. We wanted to see how Spot UV Varnish and gold foil could look on business cards with coloured edging. Very fancy!

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