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Foodie Design - As seen on The Australian Business Journal.

(Text from the article below)

Specialising in providing creative solutions to fine food-related businesses, William Truong is a passionate graphic designer and the founder of Foodie Design. He loves working with clients who don’t cut corners in producing food products of the highest quality. This inspires him to provide them with the best creative design services possible.

As a passionate graphic designer and foodie, he has focused on this industry during his entire career. This has allowed William to gain a ton of insight, knowledge, and expertise. He has worked with the likes of Pepe Saya Butter Co., Crumpets by Merna, Vannella Cheese, Yarra Valley Caviar, Australia’s Oyster Coast, Fishtales, LickYourPhone, Macchiato Sydney CBD, and Seafood Industry Australia.

William knows exactly how to promote great food products and services through branding, fine design, websites, and packaging. He understands the food industry extremely well, so he’s familiar with the standards and requirements that his clients need to fulfil. Including labelling, packaging requirements, nutritional information, and more.

This knowledge and understanding of the industry sets his graphic design services apart. Additionally, he’s well-connected to other amazing food industry services, social media influencers, agencies, and writers. His approach to graphic design is not only focused on beauty and creativity, but also on effectiveness and profit. William masterfully combines psychology and marketing, which allows him to help clients make strategic decisions for better results.

Foodie Design, as seen on the Australian Journal: 20 Australian Graphic Designers to Watch in 2022
Foodie Design, as seen on the Australian Journal: 20 Australian Graphic Designers to Watch in 2022

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