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How Branding Affects Sales

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Good brand development helps your customers find the product and service they're looking for. Let's say your product is premium, but it looks cheap. Then people looking for quality products/services will turn away thinking it's poor quality, and people who are looking for cheap products will be attracted at first but will also turn away after finding out that it's expensive. (If quality premium products typically cost more time, care, and resources to make. Otherwise you'll go out of a business trying to price match cheap products.) So your business can actually lose sales and customers for lack of poor branding!

One of the ways to distinguish your brand from others is to have a logo. An image that people can visually recognise and remember.

Other ways that a business creates marks it's reputation visually apart from a logo are:

- Colours

- Patterns

- Fonts

- Types of photos and images

- Style

- Repeated use of design elements

- Types of layouts

Non visual ways to create a brand are:

- A brand voice. How it communicates. It's tone of voice

- Messages that it puts out: Slogans, Taglines, Statements

- Music

- Price point

- What the business chooses to sell and stock

- Who the business chooses to be affiliated with

- Suppliers that a business sources

- Smells and aromas

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