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What is a Brand? How is it different to a logo?

The difference between a logo and a brand eludes a lot of people. Even the word branding can seem mysterious. What are they? A useless exercise that gives designers work or can they actually help your business make money?


Your business provides a product or service and it's different to what others provide and you don't want others confusing someone else's product for your product, vice versa. What if their product is inferior? What if their product is overly expensive? What if their product it not innovative? What if their product is unreliable? This "reputation" that you have is called your BRAND. The word comes from the cattle industry's use of a hot branding iron to mark their cow so people don't confuse it's quality for someone else's.

So your business has a reputation AKA a brand. A reputation or brand is not all visual. A brand can be "cheap", "premium", "loud", "fun", "innovative", "eco-friendly" but these qualities can be depicted visually in many ways. To distinguish one premium brand from another.

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